Benefits of Targeted Traffic

How to get Targeted Traffic

Thanks to online websites and tracking, website owners no longer have to rely on assumptions about customers behaviour. Website owners can now deliver ads targeted to their specific niche, with programs such as Google AdWords and PrettyTraffic. Having targeted traffic will equate to more people using your service or product.

Find Your Target Market

Let’s say for example your website a storefront for your cookie business in East Coast USA. How would you find your target market for this? Who are your customers? Where would they originate?

– Our guess is 99% of your customers would originate from the East Coast
– People how would most likely engage with your website would be people within the Food and Drink niche.
– Most of your sales would be from the 18-24 age demographic.

What is Targeted Traffic?

As a website owner, it’s is all up to you to determine who your targeted audience is. Once this has been achieved you can:

1. See boosts in sales as your customers are specifically looking for a website similar to yours. This increases your brand exposure and will allow you to increase your campaign!

2. People who visit your website are more interested in your content. Even if visitors don’t buy anything your engagement rates will be higher – promoting better SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), meaning you will rank higher in search engines for keywords.

If your bounce rate was higher before this you will see a massive increase in organic traffic!

3. Some of your visitors are more likely to bookmark your website, meaning people can come to your website directly! This makes for returning customers and increased growth.

4. With targeted traffic coming to your website you can expect an increased following on Twitter, Instagram and even your Newsletter (if you have one.. if not get one! We recommend MailChimp for this). An increased following on social media will create social traffic. If done correctly you can obtain loads of referrals and FREE traffic.

5. Your audience is more likely to trust your website. Therefore buying Targeted Traffic will improve your Adsense revenues or monetisation of your website. Reel in the benefits of having highly targeted traffic to your website!

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Other ways to obtain targeted traffic

Social Media – This has to be the most effective and easiest way to get targeted traffic to your website. Start engaging with your audience by using #hashtags. Reply to comments on your niche. This way you can build up an audience organically. You’ll be surprised how easy it is! We recommend starting off with Instagram and Twitter. Get talking!

Blog – If your website doesn’t have a blog now is the time to get one. Content marketing could not be more important these days. This is where you can sell your story to potentially thousands if not millions of people. Don’t forget to share your articles on your social media accounts!

Guest Blogging – Do you know someone in your niche who blogs? Ask to appear alongside there content. This will allow you to get targeted traffic from the blogger’s website. It will also provide you with backlinks to your website – increasing your SEO.

Improve SEO – Your SEO is gold when it comes to obtaining targeted traffic from search engines. If people type Cookies USA you want to be on the front page to get higher exposure. We offer a FREE SEO AUDIT, during which we can talk through how you can improve your SEO. Read our guide to improving your SEO

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