Prepare Your Site for Holiday Traffic Spikes

Prepare For Holiday Traffic Spikes

Shoppers spend billions on holiday sales every year, with more retailers opting for eCommerce to sell items, and promote their services online to obtain holiday traffic. Times such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas sales all bring an influx of traffic to websites.

There is no shock to this article – people love a bargain!

Year-over-year figures continue to expand, with loads of websites unable to cope with the influx of visitors, and marketing needed to bring in holiday traffic. Below are some simple tips to make your website ready for traffic spikes during the holiday period.

1. Quality Hosting

Let’s start simple. Make sure your website is being hosted on a server which can handle spikes of traffic. For example, if you’re using a shared hosting plan, talk to your hosting provider about potentially upgrading your plan to a VPS. Alternatively, you can install a Caching plugin which will reduce your website’s loading time.

The slower your website gets the worse your conversions are going to be. Check your website loading time! Anything over 5 seconds and you could be losing valuable sales.

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2. Optimise for Mobile

More and more people use their phones to make purchases, hence the reason your website needs to be mobile ready. If your website is not mobile ready you will be deterring mobile sales. You don’t want people moving to your competitors’ site!

3. Resize Images

We all know images come in different shapes and sizes. To get the best quality images are often high-resolution but this means file sizes are bigger. This means your website will take longer to load, and you will lose out on your customer’s engagement. We recommend you at least optimise your sites home, about, and seasonal content pages. Resizing images can easily be achieved by using Make your website fast again!

4. Security

People are wary online when they enter sensitive details such as credit card details. Install an SSL certificate and make sure it is installed properly. Not only will this enable your visitors to browse securely it will also improve your Google Rankings too!

With almost every certificate you will get a trust badge. This will confirm to your customer you are verified and will add an additional sense of trust to your website.

Moral of the story: Make sure your website is locked with an SSL and achieve higher trust and rankings!

5. Be Social

Get your brand talking on social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Be sure to post about upcoming sales. Engage with your audience. Use automated social media tools to ensure you reach your targeted audiences.

Publish quality content which has a visual effect. Posts with images and videos tend to do better than ones without.

Running giveaways on your social media accounts to promote your business can be a great idea to get holiday traffic to your website.

6. Returns Policy

Make sure your returns policy is clear. Your customers will not order anything from your store if you returns policy is non-existent, or is shabby. Make it clear and simple as possible. Some stores find having this on a separate page more converting!

7. Buy Holiday Traffic

Right, now you are ready for ways to boost your holiday traffic. If you need traffic quicker please take a look at our Targeted Web Package.