Guide to Improving SEO

Improve Your SEO

Search engines these days have changed the way they rank content inside there algorithms, making it difficult to rank. Before keywords were the best way to rank but now search engines are looking for much more. They evaluate your visitor’s duration, click through rate, bounce rate, broken links, inbound/outbound links and other factors.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is the way Google, Bing and other relevant search engines rank your website content. For example, you might have a bitcoin business called ‘London Bitcoin Exchange’.

In past years Google would have viewed this name as being very relevant to London and showed your website first in ‘London Bitcoin’ search results. However, as mentioned above things have changed. Let us help you rank higher!

Improve your Website Usability

There are many ways your website usability can affect your SEO. Search engines love websites which have a clear navigation and are:

  • Effective – What your business actually entails. Make it clear what your business does. For example, BitCoin is a cryptocurrency so make sure this is mentioned somewhere on your main page.
  • Efficient – Make sure your website is very clear to navigate. Install Google Analytics to get an insight into how many pageviews every visitor is making. If your rate is 1.5-2 pageviews per visitor you may need adjust your site to accommodate your targeted market.
  • Memorable – This is important. After your visitor leaves your site are they going to remember the name ‘London Bitcoin Exchange’ or simply ‘Bitcoin Exchange’. Make your branding very clear. Prompt your visitors to sign up to your newsletter. Create high-quality content on social media to make your business more followable.
  • Error Free – We know mistakes happen, but you can reduce the likelihood of them happening. Proofread your work. Make sure you have no broken links or links which redirect to malicious websites.

High-Quality and Relevant Content

When a website includes high-quality and relevant content users are more likely to stay or come back. This helps with your SEO rankings.

Based on SEO research content over 300 words ranks worse than content with over 600 words. This is because search engines find longer content better to rank because its likelihood of being relevant is higher.

High-Quality content consists of keywords, outbound links, and inbound links to keep people flowing organically through your site.

Writing content for your website can be difficult, this is why we recommend outsourcing this to specialists or learning how to create quality content.

Page Loading Speed

In today’s fast-paced society we don’t want to wait for a website to load, and neither do search engines. Most search engines test websites page-loading speed into account for their website ranking algorithms.

There are many different ways to improve upon your loading speed, such as using a CDN like CloudFlare to deliver your content to visitors, whilst keeping your website free from lag. You can also install a Caching Plugin to your website.

The easiest way however to increase your page loading time is to compress your images before you upload them. This is called Image Optimization.

Optimizing images on your website can help reduce file size and improve load speed.

Header Tags

Walls of text – we all hate them.

Break up your content by using Headers. Good formatting of your content increases visitor engagement, therefore increasing your SEO and relevancy to search engines.

Search engines rate keywords in header tags more heavily. By including targetting relevant terms in your header tags, you are also boosting your SEO ranking against those keywords.

Different Multimedia

Videos, images, and even slideshows can help visitors have a better experience on your website, and allows you to communicate with your audience more effectively.

Adding different multimedia sends an automatic response from search engines saying relevant.

You can also offer an audio version of your website article, or start a podcast. This will increase your visitor engagement by over 80%!

Website Layout

Think of your website like a library index. You won’t find anything about Cryptocurrency inside the Romance section (unless there are a Crypto 50 shades of grey we don’t know about). So why should your website be any different? Search engines are very smart and like to see a clean and clear layout.

Formatting your website properly can dramatically increase your SEO. You can do so by:

  • Using short paragraphs – a great example of this would be our blog!
  • Use an easy to read font with a decent size – it is recommended every website uses a pixel size of at least 12. However, if your website has a lot of text we recommend a pixel size of 16.
  • Use bulleted or numbered lists for a better visitor experience
  • Use techniques such as sliders or tabs – however using don’t use too many!

Contact Page

Yes, you read right! Google and other search engines find websites with a contact us page more trustworthy and credible, much like your visitors.

Make sure this page is easy to find by putting a link to it inside your navigation. This is very important if you run an eCommerce site.

Mobile Optimization

Mobile Traffic is increasing rapidly, so much so Google has started penalizing sites which are not mobile optimized or responsive.

Google has recently launched a product called AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), which puts mobile friendly articles first. Make sure you take advantage of this. Using AMP can increase your visitors and boost your SEO.

Invest some time into making your website mobile-friendly.

Be Social

Is your website on social media? If not get on the bandwagon quick!

The total number of Facebook likes, Tweets, and other social media mentions can influence SEO rank dramatically.

Install social sharing buttons on your website. This makes it easier for your visitors to share your content and gets you FREE exposure. It only takes one post or product to go viral. When something goes viral you will obtain FREE Organic traffic and a much-needed SEO boost.

Social sharing also helps drive conversions with nearly 4 in 10 Facebook users saying engaging in a post makes them buy the product.

To feel the benefits of social media sharing you will need to devise a social media marketing plan. Try to post daily on every social media account. Try to vary your content and test out new things. Get your customers to follow you in return for giveaways and special mentions.


Every business needs a brand. Along with social media, you need to decide what your brand ethics are going to be. Are you going to focus on a specific niche? Therefore ranking on Google easier, or do you want to target with no niche at all and have many competitors.

Google increases SEO of brands using clear branding techniques, such as unique taglines and names. These are often reinforced with the content you produce on your website and on social media.


Struggling to get ranked on search engines? Or simply need a jump start? Don’t worry we can help.

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