Drive Traffic Using Content

Drive Traffic

In this article, we will show you how to drive traffic to your website using content. Having on-site content increases your conversions and organic traffic – making your website more search engine worthy!

Google is the main search engine which provides traffic to websites online. They cache websites on a daily if not hourly basis. Making content the key to catching Google’s attention, but only if you create quality content.

It is important to focus on various kinds of content to drive traffic to your website. The more variety a website has the better as it will increase your audience.

Compare the Competition

Firstly we recommend looking at your competitors. Do they rank high for certain keywords? If they do, your competition has found a winning formula – and is getting really good organic traffic (which you can steal)!

You can use SEO tools to spy on your competition. Some of these services include SimilarWeb, SEMRush, and Alexa (this is not related to the Alexa Smart Speaker!).

Look at the headings your competition is writing about and the keywords they use. Can you do better? Where do they get backlinks from? And how do they engage with their traffic on social media?

However, do not copy everything your competitor does, you won’t get very far and Google may penalise you for doing so.

Instead, PrettyTraffic recommends making higher quality content. Perhaps the article lacks images and hyperlinks to resources. Include these in your version.

Don’t Just Write, use video!

YouTube Views and Likes

Video has exceedingly increased over the past two years opening platforms such as YouTube – which has over 1 billion active users per month. Stand out from the crowd. Start creating video content. This could be tutorials from uploading behind the scenes!

Use Video to your advantage, they are a great way to drive traffic to your website.

However, don’t focus all your marketing efforts on video, you still need written content for your visitors and Google to understand.

Vary Your Content

Nobody likes the same type of content over and over – unless you’re a robot. A blog will soon die off if the same content is written over excessively.

Encourage your visitors to share your content with sharing prompts on Facebook or Twitter (like on our platforms). This will increase your visitor engagement and will increase your social media traffic – which is very valuable!

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Use Quora and Reddit

Ever used Quora or Reddit? If not take a look! It’s a marketers goldmine. Find questions and threads which discuss your topic. Take the opportunity to answer questions on these sites along with a backlink to your website. However, don’t spam your link!

Potential visitors will see you are knowledgeable about your websites niche and will want to enter your website. Trust is everything when it comes to a visitor clicking a link.

Stay active in these communities and reach out to others you might be able to collaborate on a post (especially on Reddit) or learn more about your competition.

Images and Infographics

An amazing 90% of the information which derives from the brain is visual. Meaning images and graphics are very important when it comes to marketing your website and increasing conversions.

If you want to get a message across in a matter of seconds we recommend using an infographic. These are graphics designed with images and text together. Infographics deliver a powerful message in a matter of seconds.

The bonuses of using images and infographics:
Increase your visitors’ engagement
Easier to navigate for your visitors
Look Fresher

An excellent example of where an infographic or image needs to be placed is in a wall of text. We’ve all come across them. Lines and lines of sentences together. They look ugly! Break them up with images!

Drive Traffic!

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Boost your SEO

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After creating content for your website you will need to focus on SEO. This will ensure search engines crawl and cache your content – hopefully, who will return Organic Traffic, and putting you a step ahead of the competition.

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