How to Decrease Your Bounce Rate

Decrease Bounce Rate

The success of your website depends on users visiting more than one page and a low bounce rate will increase likelihood more traffic and sales. In this article, we’ll discuss “How To Decrease your Bounce Rate”.

What is a bounce rate?

Google defines a bounce as a visitor which a visitor opens and closes only the first page of your site. For example your homepage. This information is sent to Google Analytics to record data and the  total number of sessions are divided by page sessions. The outcome is your website bounce rate.The success of your online venture highly depends on visitors visiting multiple pages in one session

Adding Relevant Content

Google recommends and encourages websites to use internal links on their websites, which can be in text or images. This makes websites easier to navigate. If a website is easier to navigate you will inherently improve upon your Bounce Rate. Once visitors are happy with the navigation they will soon turn to content, and if they like it they will stay. Adding relevant, images and even GIFs to your site can increase your bounce rate. Fun Fact adding a video to your homepage can decrease your bounce rate by over 80% – but this depends on your landing page.

Resolve Referral Spam (using .htaccess)

Referral spam is a massive migraine for website owners. It doesn’t only create fake robotic traffic to your website but can also negatively affect the performance of your website. There is ways to solve this problem. The most popular way is by adding code to your .htaccess file. You may need to hire a developer for this but you can attempt this yourself – but once it’s added you’ll be free from Referral Spam!

Create Relevant Backlinks

Getting backlinks from other websites is a very effective SEO strategy along side your sites SEO. However, creating backlinks on a mobile phone case site whilst your are a dog walker will increase your bounce rate. In order to increase your conversions and sales, you should make relevant backlinks which quality websites which preferably rank higher than you. A great place to start would be BuzzFeed or Quora.

Integrate Live Chat

Another effective strategy to reduce your bounce rate is to add Live Chat on your website. Visitors do not want to hunt for your email address or phone you number. They want to talk with someone fast. You can outsource this to plugins such as (which is completely free), or use Facebook Messenger – either way you’ll increase your bounce rate.

Analyse Traffic

Want to know where your websites rank in the world or country? You can check out Simply enter your domain name and it will give you all your traffic details. It will also give you a list of your competitors – take this to your advantage, and make a list of websites you wish to compete with.