5 Ways to Increase Online Traffic

Increase Traffic

Are you not getting as much online traffic as you used too? You are not alone there.

You are not alone! Many webmasters are facing dips in web traffic, due to many factors.

We have made a guide of 5 ways to increase your online traffic!

1. Advertisements

This is a very popular way to gain traffic but it sometimes a lot of money and time.

  • You can use PAID SEARCH options like Google Adsense
  • Social Media Marketing – examples are Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  • Affiliate marketing

Just to name a short few.

Whatever way you choose you, need to consider the positives and the negatives.

2. Social Media

Are you using your social media platforms to your advantage?

If you are not on Social Media you are loosing out on potentially FREE traffic and SALES!

Social media allows you to

  • Share your business story
  • Promote your product
  • Engage with customers
  • Advertise

Reach more people by using relevant hashtags to your business. Make up your own hashtag to create a brand online. You can also pay businesses such as Facebook or Instagram to promote your posts to get it in front of more people.

Get your thinking cap on, social media is a great resource you can touch on!

3. Blog

Noticed more and more companies starting their own blogs? We have too, and it comes down to internal marketing and SEO.

With blog posts, you can get your brand heard, and makes for shareable content – which could become viral!

4. Use Video

Videos are becoming more popular on the internet and used often with brands to tell stories and sell items. Cisco predicts that video related traffic will increase by 82% by the year 2020. Companies like Facebook have already seen an influx in

Cisco predicts that video related online traffic will increase by 82% by the year 2020. Companies like Facebook have already seen an influx in

Companies like Facebook have already seen an influx of videos being uploaded, and are making video prime content on News Feeds.

5. Use PrettyTraffic

You can use our services to increase your weekly, monthly, or annual unique page visitors. This can be achieved by simply ordering one of our online traffic packages. We do not send fake onlinetraffic (ie bots), and are very affordable.

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